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Rust Valley Restorers - 'Go Big Or Go Home'

Series Editor

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is one of the most unique car communities in the world: “Rust Valley.” Acres and acres of old and abandoned cars; a junkyard as far as the eye can see. At its heart, an inexperienced restoration shop run by a team of colourful and charismatic characters who will transform piles of rust into collectible classics.

Aired on History 2019

Yukon Gold V - 'While the Iron is Hot'

Lead Editor

Yukon Gold continues the adventures of gutsy miners battling every obstacle that stands in their way – weather, breakdowns, crew, their physical and mental endurance – all in the quest for gold.

Aired on History Channel 2017

This is High School - 'Alexis and Harry'

Editor & Finishing Editor

This Is High School is a six-part CSA Nominated Documentary Series set in an extraordinary, ordinary school where teachers go the distance to prepare their students for adult life.

Aired on CBC 2016

Klondike Trappers - 'Dangerous Setbacks'

Editor & Finishing Editor

Klondike Trappers follows a group of brave souls who are pursuing an ancient and dangerous way of life in the frozen wilderness that borders Alaska and Yukon.

Aired on History Channel and Nat Geo 2015

Timber Kings - 'Wilderness Retreat'


The men and women of Pioneer Log Homes in Williams Lake, BC, are followed as they make some of the most exquisite, sought after log homes around the world.

Aired on HGTV 2014

Dinner Time!

Editor, Writer & Director

In order to make the jump from Final Cut Pro to AVID, and a few lifestyle programs under his belt, Daniel's put fellow friend and filmmaker Tom MacLeod ('Murder of Couriers' & '3 Inches Of Blood: Warriors Of The Great White North') and his go-to-dish to the test, against food judges Kevan Schell and Cody Shaw.

Premiered at the Cody and Kevan Comedy Show II in 2011

Under Pressure: A Story Of Microscopic Stakes

Editor, Co-Writer & Co-Director

Daniel DeVita and Mike Dinsmore helm their first short film beyond film school, along with pal’s Graham Wardle and Cody Shaw: Have you ever popped in a video tape on 'a fun family movie night' only to find that someone taped over its contents with a film about a young man searching for his mother in his fathers cancerous mouth?

Crazy8s Festival 2008, Premiered at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in 2009.